rejected supah heros

Mr.Airline weakness, slow airlines.  Mr. teleporter weakness, long distance teleporting .Ms.appear weakness, disappearing. Rejected supah heros.                 


Rejected supah heros from mad channel 1058 at 7:30 ta 8:00, I think.

Cheezy bites

Here is a story about my cousin named Peter and cheesy bites from Pizza Hut. Once upon a time there was this guy named Peter and he went to Pizza Hut with his cousins Wylie and Samantha and when he went he got one large pepperoni pizza with one large Pepsi and Cinnamon sticks online and then he saw it the cheesy bite pizza! Then he wished he had ordered it!Then he said to his cousins in the car on his to pick up the pizza he said “next time I and/or we go to Pizza Hut we will get the cheesy bite pizza for sure”,.Then his cousins hypnotized him by saying cheesy with hypnotizer.Then when his mom asks Peter what he wants for dinner. He says nothing then, a bell rings then he says cheesy bites.His mom says” huh?”   Peter says” noth-cheesy bites” The bell ring again. His mom says once more “Huh”? Peter says” Nothing I am fine. It is getting late it is 8:45. I’m heading to bed. Wake me up at 8:00.” He was on his way up the stairs to bed. Peter fell right asleep and just then the bell rung then he was dreaming about cheesy bites.His cousins were fast asleep. The End!

some legendary pokemon

Here are some legendary Pokemon: rotom, uxie, mesprit, azelf, dialga, palkia, heatran, regigigas, giratina, cresselia, phione, manaphy, darkrai, shaymin, arceus, zapdos, ho-oh, lugia, articuno, rikou, entei, mew, regirock, registeel, regice, moltres, celebi, jirachi, suicune, latios, latias, deoxys, groundon, kyogre, and rayquaza!

37 pokemon that is to say legendary pokemon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MY PETS!!!!!!!!!!

If you visit my blog you will see my pets. I have 1 voki and 8 pets one is a duo double.Lets make sure i have 8. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 good to go thanks for hearing me BYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

magic tree house and merlin mission book seires

magic tree house#1 dinos before dark,#2 the Knisght atdawn#3 mummies in the morning#4 pirates   past noon#5night of the ninjas#6afternoon on the amazon#7sunset of the sabertooth#8midnight on the moon#9dolphins at daybreak#10ghost town at sun down#11lions at lunchtime#12polar bears past bed time#13vacation under the volcano#14day of the dragon king#15viking ships at sunrise#16hour of the olympics#17tonight on the titanic#18buffalo before breakfast#19tigers at twilight#20dingoes(ding-goes) at dinnertime#21civil on sunday#22revolutionary war on wednesday#23twister on tuesday#24earthquake in early morning#25stage fright on a summer night#26good morning gorillas#27thanksgivig on  thursday#28high tide in hawaii. merlin missions#29christmas in camelot#30haunted castle on hallow’s eve#31 summer of the sea serpent#32winter of the ice wizward#33carnival at candlelight#34season of the sandstorm#35night of the new magicias#36blizzard of the blue moon#37dragon of the red dawn#38monday with a mad genius#39 dark day in the deep sea#40eve of the emperor pemguin#41moonlight on the magic flute#42a good night for ghosts#43leprechaun#44a ghost tale for chirstmas time#45crazy day with cobras